Our Strategic Intent

The Melbourne Muslimah Support Network (MMSN) is an organisation of Muslim women working to advance the rights and status of Muslim women in Australia.

We believe that Muslim women must be the impetus for change in their status as citizens.The Australian Muslim community is characterised by diversity and hybridity; there is not a binding vision of Islam or what it means to be Muslim.

We are therefore a non-religious organisation reflecting the cultural, linguistic and sectarian diversity within the Muslim community.

As an organisation committed to Muslim women and human rights, we will not remain silent when Islam is used to undermine the status of Muslim women but will intervene in these instances with facts and informed analysis.Our intent is to challenge cultural hierarchies or any system of monopolization or exclusion that result in reducing the rights and status of Muslim women.

Our framework of understanding is the international Muslim women’s movement for equality and dignity but our action and concern is focused on the local communities in Australia where Muslim women live.

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We work for the rights of Muslim women by:

• empowering women’s self-determination

• bringing a human rights approach to bear on issues of inequality and disadvantage

• working with individuals, the community, and government to advocate for equality within the Australian context We aim to inspire positive action by others and aspire to continuously enhance the quality, impact and effectiveness of our work.

Our Principles

The one foundational principle that informs our approach to our work is that Muslim women’s equality is:

• without exception
• without qualification
• without threat